How to Use

Virasure® Aquatic is presented in powder form and requires dilution prior to use (see chart below).

Dilution Chart
Number of scoops to add (1 scoop = 100g)
Volume of solution required 1:100 (1%) 1:25 (4%)
10 litres 1 4
20 litres 2 8
50 litres 5 20
100 litres 10 40
200 litres 20 80
Use: Surface disinfection
Water System Sanitisation

Surface Disinfection

For buildings, equipment, wellboats, food processing plants etc, use VIRASURE® Aquatic at a dilution rate of 1:100 (1%).

Apply at 300ml/m2 using a pressure washer (at 300 psi) or a knapsack sprayer.


A thermal fogging machine should be used at a dilution rate of 1:25 (4%). Apply at 25ml/m2 floor area.

Water System Sanitation

For final stage cleanout, soak water system a maximum of 30 minutes at a dilution rate of 1:100 (1%) and flush with clean water.


Use at a dilution rate of 1:100 (1%) and replenish once heavy soiling occurs.

Discard after a maximum of 1 weeks use.

View information on pathogen-specific efficacy tests.